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Dry Cleaning

Clean N' Brite has been designated a “Certified Professional Drycleaner” (CPD) by the International Fabricare Institute (IFI). This means Clean N' Brite has been trained in proven, up-to-date knowledge of business management, customer service, fibers and fabrics and the dry cleaning process, adheres to the “Professional Standards of Certified Drycleaners”, and has training in the professional and safe operation of dry cleaning establishments.

This means that your clothes are safe with us and you will receive the best customer service available.

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certified environmental dry cleaner

Buttons: We can repair or replace loose and missing buttons on your favorite apparel, an economical alternative to throwing away a perfectly good piece of clothing.

Clean and press: Bring your clothes in for "rejuvenation". We'll do whatever's needed and return your garments clean, pressed and ready to make the best impression. Why slave over a hot iron when our professional staff and equipment can make your clothes look and feel like the first day you put them on.

clean shirt and shoesDress shoe cleaning and repair: An outfit isn't complete without a nice pair of shoes. Why not bring your shoes in with your other business and dress attire and make a total impression on those you meet. Turn rough and scuffs into clean and neat!

Drive-thru service: In a hurry? Use our convenient and fast drive-thru service! Drive up, drop off and go!

Fast turnaround: Need something right away? Let us know your urgent needs and we'll get it done on time.

Furs: We know how to clean, care for and condition your valuable furs. Don't leave it to chance. Bring it to Clean N' Brite.

Household textiles: We don't just clean clothes. We can clean many of your household items, such as drapes, rugs, pillows, blankets, comforters, tablecloths and upholstery. Make your whole house look Clean N' Brite!

Leather and suede: Regular use and exposure to weather and harsh chemicals can harm or degrade your leather and suede items. We're trained to care for these hard to clean items. Bring your coats, jackets and other leather items to us to condition regularly to keep them good for a lifetime.

Moth protection: Moths can cause much damage to clothes made of wool or wool blends. We use a chemical treatment to make fabrics repellant to moths and other insect pests without repelling you with that offensive moth ball odor.

Neckties: We know neckties can sometimes become makeshift bibs and handkerchiefs. Or maybe it gets wadded up into a ball after a hard day at work. Ties are made of delicate materials such as silk. We can safely clean and press your ties to give them that "like new" appearance.

Odor removal: Have a hard to remove odor? Let your professional dry cleaner use his expertise to remove those unwanted odors.

Professional certified care: We've received the best training possible on caring for your fabrics from the IFI. No one can care for your fabricare needs better than Clean N' Brite. Read more about our certifications.

cleaning rugs and carpetsRugs: Need an area rug or carpet cleaned. Call Clean N' Brite. We'll pick up your rugs, clean them and return them to you better than ever.

Stain Removal: Our professional staff has been trained to be experts in stain removal. Care is taken to determine the type of stain and the best method of removing it. It's always best to bring us your stained items as soon as possible for the best results. Stains left unattended can begin to oxidize which makes it more difficult to remove.

Zipper repair: We can remove and replace or add zippers to your clothing whenever you need one. Don't let a sticky or broken zipper break your spirits. Let us fix it for you!